Barkis launched the first DApp on its network

The first DApp game “Wulin Treasure Hunt” based on the Barkis Network technology is officially launched.

The “Wulin Treasure Hunt” game was developed by Chubi Technology and already available.
Please, visit the Barkis Network official website to download the new version of the Barkis Wallet:

Since the Barks Network official website was launched the Developer Plan, excellent developers from various regions of the world have actively participated in the Barkis Network technology development.

The official launch of DApp also confirmed the success of the Developer Plan model. Let us work together to help the development of Barkis Network technology and the construction of the Barkis ecology.

We believe that blockchain-based games have the opportunity to offer an experience that hasn’t been seen in this industry before. We will make every effort to ensure that our Dapps ecosystem grows and develops rapidly.

Barkis Network aims to build a distributed business application value network based on blockchain technology. It is convinced that the Barkis community will develop better with your participation.

Barkis Network will continue to be a responsible project as always, and create more value for users and the industry in the future. The future has come, let us shout for the Barkis Network!

A Distributed Business Application Value Network Based on Blockchain Technology

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