Barkis Network 3.21–6.4 Biweekly Report

Thanks for your understanding and company all the time. Barkis Network aims to build a distributed business application value network based on blockchain technology. It is convinced that Barkis community will develop better with your participation.

Here is the Barkis Network progress between 3.21–6.4:

Progress in public chain development

  1. Design of the Super Node monitoring procedure.
  2. Optimized the browser access speed.

Progress in wallet development

  1. Released Android version v3.1, optimized access speed.
  2. Optimized the data loading logic of the homepage.
  3. Optimized export of mnemonic words for improved security.
  4. Accelerated development of the iOS version.

Progress in blockchain browser

  1. Optimized the display of transaction types.
  2. Performance has been optimized.

Barkis Network will continue to be a responsible project as always, and create more value for users and the industry in the future. The future has come, let us shout for the Barkis Network!