Barkis Network started cooperation with BiYong

Barkis Network and BiYong signed a commercial cooperation agreement to help both sides for the further enhance the overall operational efficiency and create greater commercial value.

For today, 7th of March, 2020, the Barkis Network community is now available with:

  1. Fan system

BKS users can click on the social chat bar to apply to become a fan, to cheers for BKS.

2. Badge function

After becoming a BKS fan, you will get an exclusive badge. More activity in the group you will have, the higher level You will reach!

3. Dynamic features

The latest news and information will be updated in the Barkis Network community, don’t miss it!

4. Community Plus V certification

This is the official certification, is a proof of participating regular projects.

5. Official website certification

Please confirm our official website:

6. Subject authentication and other functions

Identify our official team: Barkis Network Foundation, beware of being deceived.

The red packet function which everyone is concerning about will be launched on 14th of March.

Starting from 7th of March, to 7th of April, 2020, Barkis Network will be displayed in the Biyong top groups, more and more new members will join our big family of BAX. We will be looking forward to find new partners to join our Barkis Network!

BKS team
7th March, 2020

A Distributed Business Application Value Network Based on Blockchain Technology

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