Barkis wallet updated IOS version has been released

Dear Barkis users:

In order to bring you a better operating experience, improve the stability of wallet operation, and provide a smoother experience the Barkis wallet (IOS) has been updated to the latest version today.

The updated content is as follows:

  1. The default language changed to Chinese, optimized for international translation.
  2. Solved the problem that some icons cannot be clicked.
  3. Solved the problem that the numeric keyboard can not input decimals.
  4. Solved the problem that the title of the home page is not on the left side.
  5. Added startup picture.
  6. Optimized the display of the order flow.
  7. Optimized multiple UI details.
  8. Added DAPP entrance and various tutorial menus.
  9. Added constraints to various numeric input boxes.
  10. Fixed the problem that the validator name could not be displayed occasionally during the redemption.
  11. Added token issuance feature.
  12. Optimized the display of empty data list.
  13. Fixed the problem that adds some address copy is not available.
  14. Added pagination function for the running list.

Barkis public chain wallet will also be updated iteratively, constantly optimize and improve a variety of interfaces and functions, to the majority of users to bring more and more optimized experience!


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Barkis team