Barkis wallet updated version for Android and iOS has been released

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1 min readJul 17, 2020


Dear Barkis users:

In order to bring you a better operating experience, improve the stability of wallet operation, and provide a smoother experience to the Barkis wallet has been updated to the latest version today.

The updated content is as follows:

  1. Fixed bug that in some cases it was impossible to receive income/commission.
  2. In the UI that needs to verify the password, the way to prompt the wrong password was optimized.
  3. Optimized the display of the settings page.
  4. Optimized the start page image processing.

Barkis public chain wallet will also be updated iteratively, constantly optimize and improve a variety of interfaces and functions, to the majority of users to bring more and more optimized experience!


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Barkis team



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