Due to the recent appearance of fake BarkisNetwork on the market, the BarkisNetwork Foundation makes a strict notification:

1. The full name of Barkis is BarkisNetwork, the name of Token is BKS.

2. BarkisNetwork is a distributed business application value network based on blockchain technology, which has the characteristics of “high speed”, “high bandwidth” and “high reliability”. BarkisNetwork has in-depth strategic cooperation and investment relations with the well-known Chinese information community portal “8btc”. And has established wide and good ecosystem around the world.

3. Users need to use only official website BarkisNetwork: www.bksnet.io . All relevant information will be displayed on the official website.

4. We want to warn our users not to trust fake information and 3rd party companies. Beware of being deceived. BarkisNetwork Foundation not responsible for any loss caused by third-party fake information.

5. BarkisNetwork Foundation reserves the right to prosecute individuals and groups who impersonate the official BarkisNetwork.

Thanks for your understanding and company all the time. It is convinced that Barkis community will develop better with your participation.

BarkisNetwork Foundation

2020. 1. 17

A Distributed Business Application Value Network Based on Blockchain Technology

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