“China Blockchain Technology and Industrial Application Landing Summit Forum, and Barkis Eco 3.0 Strategy Session”

On September 6, 2020, Chengdu hosted the “China Blockchain Technology and Industrial Application Landing Summit Forum, and Barkis Eco 3.0 Strategy Session” organized by the Digital Economy Development Research Group of the China Science and Technology Reform Research Association, the professional blockchain committee of the Chinese Federation of Mobile Communications, and Sichuan Big Data Research Association.

In the morning activities, Xie Zhongyu, chairman of the Supervisory Board of the first state-owned Key large enterprises under the state council, Yang Zhiqian, president of the Sichuan Big Data Development Research Association, and Wang, director of the China Science and technology system reform Research Association, respectively, delivered opening speeches, saying that blockchain is the big trend of the development of the world. The general trend of promoting blockchain development has great significance.
In the next 5G era, blockchain empowers the digital economy and China Telecom’s application case analysis keynote speech in the blockchain field. As well as the round table on the theme of 2020 blockchain technology and industry application trends, a series of analyses of blockchain scenario applications were carried out.

The blockchain industry has experienced the capital winter in 2018 and encountered national policies in 2019. In 2020, capital and talent poured into the blockchain industry track again. Opportunities and challenges coexist, and blockchain is ushered in applications. In the new round of rapid growth, from the popularity of application scenarios, capital entry, industry standardization acceleration, business model exploration, and deep integration with other technologies, the market application prospects of blockchain have gradually become clear.
Blockchain de-virtualizes and develops to the entity, which benefits the real economy. The application of blockchain technology in various scenarios brings certain value to the corresponding industry and truly promotes social development and progress.

After the round table meeting, the entire morning session came to an end. After a short break at noon, the guests and audience came back to the venue. During the afternoon event, CMO of the BKSBEX platform, Oliver, branding manager of the BKSBEX platform, Kate, and several industry guests gave keynote speeches on BKSBEX, Barkis ecology, and future digital mining.

The new logo of the platform was presented and the platform announced its strategic cooperation with the well-known US blockchain investment company “Gospel” and with the top contract trading platform in the world “Deribit”.

At the same time, Barkis is constantly improving its industrial strategic layout and striving to become the industry’s top international first-class exchange. BKSBEX embraces the new era of digital economy wave in the changing situation to develop some strategic measures, and in the continuous development process for digital economic development services and help improve the blockchain ecosystem. In addition, was received video congratulations from the leaders of the Barkis Foundation and Deribit.

At the end of the conference, several industry guests conducted in-depth analyses and judgments on digital mining. BKS Mining also believed that the development of mining finance is in full swing, and this road is full of opportunities and challenges.

This conference is a new wave of thoughts, promoting in-depth exchanges of the ecology in various blockchain fields, jointly exploring the impact and change of blockchain technology to the industry, and bringing exciting sharing of blockchain to the audience.


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