Digital mining is back, and Barkis will break through the current situation

Recently, the 3rd China International Blockchain + Business Future Development Summit with the theme of “Unbounded Application, Innovative Value” and the “Contribute to Blockchain Entrepreneurship” was held in Xiamen. At this conference, Mr. Oliver, the COO of Barkis Network, participated to Xiamen International Blockchain Week and had in-depth exchanges with industry experts and scholars, and Chinese blockchain practitioners. Discussed the future development trend of blockchain and the increase in liquidity, and also made some relevant predictions for the future development prospects of the entire trading market.

This Xiamen International Blockchain Week conference brought together the government, authoritative experts, and industry top practitioners to discuss the latest developments and hot topics in the current blockchain industry, including the commercial applications and digital mining. This conference attracted industry experts from all over the world.

One of the most discussed topics was: “How blockchain technology can be combined with practical commercial applications to bring practical value”. Since the National Development and Reform Commission officially incorporated the blockchain into the new infrastructure in April 2020, the blockchain industry has achieved a qualitative leap in compliance, industrialization, and application. The deep nature of the blockchain is the deep integration of technological innovation, digital finance, and industrial applications. Among them, distributed storage and mining-related industries have huge economic value and development potential.

In the global blockchain ecology, the current concept of distributed applications has become more and more popular, and it has also rapidly promoted the new development of digital mining. The government’s gradual acceptance, the introduction of clear policies, and the introduction of traditional institutional capital into the mining circle have brought support and promotion to the industry. The huge wealth and value attraction of digital mining will enable more digital economy companies to break the development and obtain more dividends in the digital economy era. The proportion of investors among the participants has increased significantly, which is enough to show that more and more investors are also optimistic about this industry and are also looking for high-quality projects to help the development of the blockchain industry.

The Barkis Network has been committed to realizing the value of distributed business applications and practicing the new business model of distributed business. It has already been pre-planned in the global layout. It entered the mining industry in April this year and provided a one-click mining service. In Xiamen Blockchain Summit, Mr. Oliver also conveyed Barkis’ industry determination, mission, and vision to the Chinese market and related potential partners. Barkis will continue to improve its cooperation with diversified mining alliances in the digital mining layout.


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A Distributed Business Application Value Network Based on Blockchain Technology

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