“Pontos” new product launch press conference

On October 31, 2020, Chengdu Barkis Technology Co., Ltd. was held the first new product launch conference in Shanghai, creating a new era of independent research and development of mining machines. True to its skill, Chengdu Barkis Technology Co., Ltd. has brought a new dimension to digital mining: the new first-generation Pontos mining machine of its own design with “high processing power, high performance, and ultra-low consumption.”

The “Pontos” new product launch conference brought together people from all over the world, including those working in the blockchain industry, leading industry media, well-known mining companies, and more.

At the beginning of the event, the host introduced the guests who came to the scene and expressed a warm welcome to the guests. The Barkis Network CMO — Oliver, was the first to make a speech and stated that the Pontos mining machine is the first generation of products independently developed by Barkis. Its appearance was a confirmation of the breakthrough progress of the Barkis company in the field of cryptocurrency mining. He also stressed that in the future, we will continue to ensure the advancement of products through platform evolution, perfect design, software upgrades, and hardware iterations.

At the scene, the person in charge of the “Pontos” introduced to the guests in detail the Pontos mining machine that was born in the era of “new infrastructure”, which fully and clearly demonstrated that this new mining machine has the characteristics of “high computing power, high performance, and ultra-low consumption”. The key reason, on the one hand, the Pontos mining machine is a fully customized independent research and development production, invested a lot of money and manpower, and pursued the ultimate in technology. On the other hand, the strong support of various core component manufacturers and suppliers in cooperation and production capacity has greatly enhanced the performance and stability of the mining machine, and effectively reduced the power loss, significantly increasing the computing power.

At the press conference, the SPARKPOOL Platform representative gave a wonderful speech, introduced the development process of the SPARKPOOL into the world’s first echelon mining pool, expressed good wishes for the new Pontos mining machine, and deepened the cooperation between the two parties in the future.

After that, the FlintOS representative has introduced the fast, simple, and efficient cloud-driven FlintOS operating system, and expressed his sincere wishes for the release of the first generation of “Pontos” mining machine. The future development of FlintOS also coincides with Chengdu Barkis Technology Co., Ltd. future focus on the blockchain industry, chip industry, and artificial intelligence that will further deepen mutual cooperation.

After several rounds of wonderful speeches by the guests, the “Pontos” new product launch conference has been successfully ended. On the path of innovation in the blockchain industry, Barkis will continue to write a new glory. The Barkis strive to become an industry leader in the cruel market competition environment and promote a mutually beneficial and shared ecological chain in the blockchain industry.


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