The first anniversary of Barkis Network

Time flies, the blockchain industry is developing rapidly, Barkis Network has already gone through one year. Looking back on the past year, we have experienced the excitement and joy at the beginning of the birth. The market is booming and constantly inspiring us to improve our products and technology and to enrich the content of the Barkis project.

From the establishment of the underlying public chain technology to the “distributed business application value network based on blockchain technology” Barkis Network v2.0 released, we achieve the main network performance improvement, algorithm optimization, and function expansion; for the underlying public chain, in addition to technical and performance concerns, the construction of ecosystems is gradually promoting. During the year of the project’s launch, Barkis Network quickly established a broad community and potential users with high transaction speed, low cost, and scalability. Barkis Coin launched at the BKSbex exchange, providing users with a safe and reliable value circulation platform; BKS price also broke through the issue price, which brought huge profits to early investors and holders.

Thousands of miles is from the beginning of compliance, in the Barkis Network’s one-year-old, I want to share with you a piece of good news: Barkis Network has obtained Singapore’s deep compliance qualification a week ago. Compliance qualifications not only indicate the recognition of the Barkis project from a legal level but also mean that there are more development opportunities and opportunities in the future ecological construction.

The achievements of Barkis are not only the achievements of the Bcass Foundation but also the joint efforts of the partners and the trust and support of the community friends. Because of everyone’s trust and support, Barkis Network will grow so fast. We would like to thank all community members, investors, and supporters, thank you for your trust and fight with us without regrets so that we can continue to move with passion and motivation.

In the coming year, we will continue to move forward with full hope, and next year is bound to bring more surprises to everyone. With the completion of version 2.0, we will truly return to community governance. The launch of the SuperNode program allows true decentralization to be achieved; the developer plans to make the entire ecosystem more robust and provide a technical foundation for more application scenarios; the real application of distributed business is the only way to realize future value, we will also focus on this.

The first anniversary is just the starting point for our Barkis Network to be successful. Barkis Network will continue to be a responsible project as always, and create more value for users and the industry in the future. In the past year, thank you all, grow up with us; in the future, I hope that everyone will start with us. The future has come, let us shout for the Barkis Network!

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