The first Barkis DApp has been updated

DApp game “Wulin Treasure Hunt” based on the Barkis Network technology has been updated.

Since DAPP “Wulin Treasure Hunt” has been launched on the Barkis Wallet, it has received a lot of positive feedback from users and put forward many valuable comments.

In response to the requirements of most users, we discussed with the Chubi Technology development team all the requirements and wishes.

We released the following updates:

  1. Modified the HP recharge exchange ratio. Recharge BKS and HP exchange ratio modified to 1:10.
  2. Now recharge 10 BKS (100 HP) to start the treasure hunt adventure.
  3. Modified the HP exchange ratio after the finished game. The ratio of recharge BKS and HP was adjusted to 1:10.
  4. Added rating leaders passing game. Users can click the leaderboard in the “Personal Center”, where you can see the highest record leaderboard for all users.

Please, visit the Barkis Network official website to download the new version of the Barkis Wallet:

Barkis Network aims to build a distributed business application value network based on blockchain technology. It is convinced that the Barkis community will develop better with your participation.

BKS team

A Distributed Business Application Value Network Based on Blockchain Technology